"I thought you were an angel and I was scared to dissapoint you if you knew my true intentions. Then I saw the real you and I became sad because I though I knew you yet I saw that after all we were so similar. At the end I couldn't end this feeling. This unwanted feeling of love that I started developing for you, for you who changed me for the better. Thank you."

- Tiara thinking about Leiftan


As her mother was a Yuki-Onna and her father a kitsune, Tiara inhers both characterical genes. Since she was young her kitsune side was the weakest. In fact during the day she had white hair and she could use her yuki-onna abilities, which was manipolating ice and snow, while at night, usually after midnight, her hair would become orange and her kitsune tail would appear but all this without any power. She hated that and she always hided that fact. After coming to Eldarya in search for revenge for her sister, she little by little changes and after a while her yuki-onna powers and kitsune powers merge so she can decide willingly which appearence to have.


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Her eyes are light blue and her hair are white, when she changes into a kitsune her hair becomes orange.


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-coming soon-


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