Valkyon is half-human, half-faerie, and leads the Obsidian Guard.

Solid, strapping and measuring 6 feet and 2 inches tall, this boy, with a difficult past, isn't very talkative. He is a tranquil force with a tender heart, especially when it comes to Floppy, his dear little Musarose Companion, whom he cares more than anything.

It is later revealed that he is half human and half faerie, making him a hybrid.

When his parents died he was very young. He had elder brother name Lance (they came to General Headquarters together). After his (Lance's) death he started to be introverted.

In episode 17 we've learned that he had got many girlfriends before, but he never fell in love. He said that "he have to meet wright person".

In episode 18 he said, that he isn't very religious, but he pray to Oracle when needed.

In episode 19 we've learned, that he had been in fenghuan temple before.

In episode 20 Leiftan calls Lance as Dragon, so we can think, that Valkyon is dragon too.


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